Credit card sense

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Credit card sense
Selecting credit cards for use in the internet sector and offline
In case of payment using a debit card, getting a refund will be more difficult in case of online fraud , so many online and offline users prefer to use a credit card. However compared to a debit card, which most banks will issue often free of cost without much verification to their account holders, getting a credit card issued can be a major problem, especially for a small business owner or a professional. A credit card is an unsecured loan, so the bank or credit card issuer will need to ensure that the credit card holder can repay the credit card bill on time. If the bills are not paid on time, recovering the money can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process.
It relatively simple for a salaried person to get a credit card issued, as the credit card issuer will only want to check the salary slip of the person to ensure that he or she has adequate repayment capacity. Government employees are especially lucky as they are guaranteed a salary and pension for the rest of their lives, so they will get a credit card quickly. On the other hand, small business owners and professionals will find it extremely difficult to get a credit card issued, especially if they are being hounded by intelligence or security agencies.
Some of the factors to be considered while selecting a credit card are
- credit card limit
- credit period
- annual fee
- interest rate on outstanding amount
- reward points
- service/customer support.

For example for one nationalized bank, for credit card payment, the credit card holder has to deposit his or her cheque in the drop box and does not get an acknowledgement that the cheque has been deposited, the people involved in collecting the cheque and sending it for clearance are inefficient and will send the cheque for clearance 4-5 days after it has been deposited. However the bank credit card department will be quick to charge a large fine if the payment will be delayed by a few days due to their own fault. So it is important to check the level of competence of the support staff of the credit card issuer.
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